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Are there any restrictions on the use of graphics created within Designer Pro+?

Designer Pro+ is used by many commercial designers for their work. The license permits you to incorporate any of the bundled fonts, clipart, template graphics or textures in your work except for any example illustrations in the Designs Gallery / Content Catalog. If your version includes such example illustrations then they will be in a folder called 'Example Xara Drawings' or similar. These images are included with the permission of the designers only to demonstrate the sort of work that can be created with Xara software and we request that you respect their copyright.

Note though that this does not mean that you can incorporate the templates, fonts or fills into commercial clipart, texture or font collections, neither can you use them in server side webpage builders.

Photos in templates: In the case of templates that include photos (websites, cards, brochures etc), there may be some restrictions on the commercial use of the photos, contact Xara for more information.  Also the photos are embedded in the templates and you can not extract them from the templates and use them for other purposes.  

Stock photos & illustrations: Designer Pro+ offers a collection of free stock photos and illustrations from Pixabay in the Online Content Catalog, they are provided under a Creative Commons CC0 license and you will have accepted the Pixabay Terms the first time you used one of these photos, if you wish to re-read the Pixabay terms you can find them here, and you can find out more about the CC0 license here.

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