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I'm getting file size too large when trying to import my design into Xara Cloud.

This happens when your file hits one of, or both of the limits Xara Cloud has set. These limits are:

100Mb file size.
1.2Gb server memory (RAM) usage.

If your file size is less than 100Mb and you see the below error, then it will be hitting the server memory limit.

The vast majority of times, this message occurs when opening a photo or image heavy file, as these images (bitmaps) consume a lot of memory when opening them.

To fix this, we'll need to optimise your images. To see a detailed explanation on what optimising images does, please see this article, but to put it shortly it reduces the image size without affecting the quality drastically. 

Before doing so, its worth taking a backup of your file, as this is a destructive (one-way) operation. Either simply copy and paste your project file somewhere else in Windows Explorer, or go to File > Save as.

Now to optimise:

  1. Open your file
  2. Go to Utilities > Optimise All Images
  3. Click Optimise*
  4. Once finished, go to File > Save

*Its recommended to leave the optimisation settings as default, however you can change the DPI and image quality to be less or more aggressive by clicking on settings.

Now try to open your newly optimised file in Xara Cloud.

If you are still getting this error message after opening the optimised version, please contact support here and we can take a look.

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